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Royal Flying Doctor Service of WA - Altitude Ball 2018

The annual Altitude Ball for the Royal Flying Doctor Service was held in their hangars at Jandakot Airport on 13th October 2018.
Gem was only 8 weeks old when she was transported to Perth with her mother by the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Having personally experienced the incredible care and support of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, she was delighted to donate her much-loved "Peyto" for auction at this year's Altitude Ball. "Peyto" was auctioned for $2,200 with 100% of funds going directly to this wonderful organisation, whose mission is to provide excellence in emergency aeromedical and primary health care services to rural and remote Australia.

The soft, milky tones symbolise glacial water flowing into Lake Peyto. There is a subtle shift to beautiful turquoise and green hues, generated from the sunlight reflecting off the fine silt suspended in glacial meltwater.

Lung Foundation Australia - Gala Dinner 2018

Gem sent her very precious cargo "Red" to Melbourne to be auctioned at the annual Gala Dinner for the Lung Foundation Australia. "Red" was auctioned for $2,000 on the evening of October 13th 2018 with 100% of this donation going to the Lung Foundation of Australia. After tragically losing her father in September 2017 to Interstitial Lung Disease, Gem is very passionate and committed to raising funds for research which will result in a better understanding of Interstitial Lung Disease and eventually lead to finding a cure in the future.

This painting is a representation of the red pigments created by blooms found within the Red Sea. The contouring arches express the shallow shelves on the seabed, brimming with rich, glorious marine life and corals.

Lifeline WA - Black Diamond Gala Dinner 2018

The annual Black Diamond Gala Dinner for Lifeline WA was held on 5th August 2018. Gem was honoured to donate “Halmahera” to this incredible charity. “Halmahera” was auctioned on the evening raising $4,000, with 100% of this money going directly toward the lifesaving work of Lifeline WA. Gem shares and is proud to be associated with Lifeline WA’s vision of empowering Australians to be suicide-safe through connection, compassion and hope, working toward an Australia free of suicide. 

The cascading formations within this painting symbolise the many basins and ridges on the seabed of the Halmahera Sea. The subtle marbling of mother of pearl rising through deep blue and green hues evokes images of the magnificent surf breaks that can be found within this part of the world.

south china sea +room.jpg

Foundation for the WA Museum – Antarctica: A Night at the Museum 2018

Gem was extremely proud to donate “Antarctic” to the Foundation for the WA Museum. Antarctica: A Night at the Museum was held at The WA Maritime Museum on 22 June 2018 where “Antarctic” was auctioned, raising $3,000. With a love of history and a passion for future research, Gem is thrilled that 100% of this donation will assist in providing meaningful and sustainable financial support to the WA Museum.

The sheer size of this piece, combined with the shifting depths of colour mimic the Antarctic Ocean. The lighter blue and white hues symbolise ice floating through the waters, while the deeper blue and violet hues accentuate the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of the Antarctic Ocean.

lonian sea +room.jpg

Think Fragile X - Reflection Gala Dinner 2017

Gem was thrilled to donate "Ionian" to Think Fragile X.
"Ionian" was auctioned at Reflection Gala Dinner at Crown Perth on 18 November 2017, raising $1,800, with 100% of this money going toward the Foundation. Chromosome abnormality is a subject very close to Gem's heart and she could not be happier to have donated her piece "Ionian". 

Ionian Sea is sprinkled with breathtaking islands which have extremely rich and diverse landscapes. This painting captures the unique cliff faces descending into the sea, depicts the varying shapes and sizes of the islands, and includes the point at which the Mediterranean Sea reaches its greatest depth.