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Gem Fong is a Perth artist, known for her bold abstract canvases. Her oeuvre is an expression of panoramic views of the universe: its aspects, its silence, its persistence.

Her passion is to design alluringly beautiful art for her audience while stimulating and awakening their senses.

Gem’s application uses a variety of mixed media, manipulated layering and infinite colours to create unique original artworks.

Varying elements, which unite to form her sense of vision for each piece, influence Gem’s work; her work is intuitive, captivating and passionate.

When collaborating with her clients, Gem observes the unique space the new artwork will call home and delves deep into her client's desires for their bespoke Gem Fong original.

Gem is currently designing her ceramic and resin signature range of objects and vessels.

Her thought-provoking works will bring warmth and individuality to any space.